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Boot your OS (Vista, XP, Linux, etc.) up to 5X faster!! Never worry about losing your
data due to a crashed hard drive or a drained battery. Non-volatile storage is the future
of laptop storage technology and J & M Consultants brings it to you today!! Be the first
to run your laptop with true solid state storage technology TODAY! Your data is
priceless. Don’t risk losing it because of a failed $100 mechanical drive. Data can
become corrupt due to paramagnetic effect on the magnetic particles found on all
electro-mechanical drives (even the new perpendicular recording drives are still
susceptible to PME). Solid state drives virtually eliminate this making them capable of
maintaining data integrity for several hundred years (theoretically). Solid state storage
drives use as little as 1/5th the power than that of mechanical drives, are impact
resistant, calculated operating life of millions of hours (better than industrial SCSI
systems), and can operate in extreme temperatures of -25C to 85C!! If this sounds
incredible, do your research. Google “solid state storage” and read the reviews and
studies done on this amazing technology.

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J & M Consultants
Computer Networking and Telecommunications Specialist

  • Computer Repair, Custom Build and Configuration
  • Network and Telecommunications Setup, Repair and Troubleshooting
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Preservation
  • Data Security

If your drive is in working condition and you;

  • Accidentally deleted some files
  • Formatted/Reformatted the drive
  • Reloaded the operating system
  • Lost your Outlook, Word, Excel, Photos, etc.

If your drive is non-operational;
(no power, clicking, grinding, locks up system, etc..)

    When it comes to this type of recovery we can not offer a one price fits all price
    structure. The price for an invasive drive surgery and recovery is determined by
    many variables. We base our price primarily on the form factor of the drive,
    storage capacity of the drive and expected cost of parts and labor for a hard drive
    or other media. We have been doing this for long enough to know what to expect
    in a worse case scenario and base our prices accordingly. This enables us to give
    you an exact price for the recovery service you need opposed to a wide price
    range. We offer you this price format because it is reasonable and fair.

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Computer Networking and Telecommunications Specialist